Finn as a flower. “To a plant, a day is short.”
(My first gif from a video!)

To a plant, a day is short…

*seductively slips into existential melancholy*

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Anime w/subtitles, but the subtitles are in spanish


Some relationships just end. Like a star, they burn bright and brilliant, and then nothing in particular goes wrong, they just reach their end. They burn out.
—Cora Carmack (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
Part of the problem with the word ‘disabilities’ is that it immediately suggests an inability to see or hear or walk or do other things that many of us take for granted. But what of people who can’t feel? Or talk about their feelings? Or manage their feelings in constructive ways? What of people who aren’t able to form close and strong relationships? And people who cannot find fulfillment in their lives, or those who have lost hope, who live in disappointment and bitterness and find in life no joy, no love? These, it seems to me, are the real disabilities.
—Fred Rogers (via observando)